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Information about Dance

Taking Part in Dance

We are often asked where to find dance classes and there is no single place that lists providers. However we can offer some useful tips for searching for a class.

1) Think about what type of class you want to do. There are lots of different dance styles available! Some providers only offer certain types of dance and they generally fall into these types:

  • Private dance schools - often offering a range of styles such as ballroom dancing, ballet, tap, modern, latin dance, such as salsa.
  • Dance specific organisations - focussing only on ceroc, jive or tango for example.
  • Independent classes - often run in different centres by independent teachers in styles such as contemporary dance, creative dance, 5 rhythms, street dance, hip hop, breakdance or bellydancing etc.

2) Do your research - follow some of our search tips below to find out what classes are available and choose one that sounds interesting.

  • Ask friends, neighbours, colleagues for recommendations and check if your local school or college runs a class.
  • Ask the teacher what qualifications they have to teach dance - some may have experience as a professional dancer, others may have qualifications from respected institutions like the Royal Academy of Dance or the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing, others may have degrees in teaching related to school such as PGCEs, or recognised qualifications such as National Vocational Qualifications.
  • If the class is for a young person or vulnerable adult check whether the teacher is certified to work with these people - if they are they will have an Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check or Indepenent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) registration, which you can ask to see. For more information visit the ISA website.
  • If the teacher does not have either of these it does not mean automatically that they are not able to work with young people or vulnerable adults. You will need to use your judgement about whether you feel the class is suitable. You could ask whether parents are allowed to watch (sometimes this is not allowed as a safeguard for people in the class) or speak to other parents who have children attending the class. If the class is for yourself you could ask to watch a class or try one session for free to see if you like it.

Find a class - Search Tips

Yellow Pages - look under Dance School.

  • - online version of Yellow Pages  - look under Dance School.
    ‘Google’ for dance classes and your local area e.g. 'Tunbridge Wells dance class'.
  • Check listings and adverts in your local paper or magazines. Some bars run salsa or other latin dance styles as part of a social evening, look out for posters or flyers.
  • Contact your nearest arts centre, community centre, youth centre or leisure centre to see if they run classes.
  • Contact your local authority arts officer or visit your local authority's website (if you don't know what this is Google 'your town name' and 'council' e.g. Portsmouth council).
  • Look at the websites for local theatres to see if they have classes or workshops for children or adults - if you aren't sure where your nearest theatres are, try Googling the name of 'your town', or others nearby and 'theatre'.
  • Look at websites such as or Youth Dance England's Youth Dance Directory

Training in Dance

There are several universities and higher education institutes in the South East and some offer dance courses and classes along with performances in their studio theatres.

University of Surrey:
University of Chichester:
University of Brighton:
Northbrook College, Sussex:
Thames Valley University:
The University of Winchester:

If you want to take your interest in dance further and study a Higher or Further Education course visit and do a Course Search to find out about dance courses in the UK.

How do I get information for my course work?

Hampshire Dance receives enquiries regularly from students looking for information to help with course work, projects or dissertations. We cannot guarantee to help everyone, but your enquiry is more likely to be successful if you are very specific about the information you would like and it is not something already on this website!

How do I get a career in dance?

Youth Dance England has produced a comprehensive guide to careers in dance for young people. You can access the Careers in Dance PDF from their website

Creating Dance

If you are a dance artist, then Dance Up and South East Dance can offer advice and information. You will also find links for funders and dance organisations in useful links.