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South East Youth Dance Network

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The South East Youth Dance Network (SEYDN) connects youth dance providers in the region to encourage the exchange of ideas, partnerships, collaboration and skill sharing.

The SEYDN is now managed by South East Dance.
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The aims of the SEYDN are to:

  • Enhance communication and networking
  • Facilitate a flow of information between youth dance providers, the Youth Dance Strategy Manager and Youth Dance England
  • Improve the coordination and scheduling of youth dance activity
  • Distribute activity funds to add value to the work of youth dance providers

Who is the SEYDN for?

The SEYDN is open to all youth dance providers in the south east of England. Current membership includes those working in venues, education, schools, agencies and local authorities as well as a large number of freelance artists and practitioners.

How can I get involved?

It is free to join the SEYDN and you can participate in two different ways:

1. Join a Hub

There are four SEYDN hubs across the region.  Each hub has its own facilitator who organises quarterly meetings and coordinates communications between hub members.  Each hub has access to a small amount of funding to add value to the work of its members. 

The SEYDN hubs cover the following geographical areas:

SEYDN Hub meetings map 2011

The map above shows the four SEYDN hubs, and the red drawing pins indicate the location of previous hub meetings over the past two years.

If you would like to join your nearest hub please contact Hampshire Dance and we’ll put you in touch with your local facilitator.

2. Become an E-Member

If you are interested in the SEYDN but do not want to join a hub then you can still sign up to receive the monthly e-bulletin. The bulletin is full of useful information and includes listings for youth dance performance opportunities, projects, jobs and resources.

It’s free to list items in the bulletin so it’s a great way to publicise your own events and activities too.

If you would like to receive the SEYDN bulletin you will need to sign up here. Once you have subscribed you will be able to list your own items in future issues.


Jane Bryant at CONNECT 2011CONNECT is the annual opportunity for members of the SEYDN to get together to discuss the latest developments in youth dance. It takes the form of a one-day conference with keynote speakers, case studies and break-out sessions.

CONNECT 2011 took place on Friday 4 March 2011 at the H.G.Wells Conference Centre, Woking, Surrey, in partnership with Woking Dance Festival. This allowed us to provide opportunities for delegates to attend a morning Hip Hop class before CONNECT 2011 and catch performances in Woking Dance Festival’s “Spring Shorts” programme.

Artswork Chief Executive, Jane Bryant provided our keynote presentation, giving a context for the development of new and engaging practice within the current uncertain funding situation for the arts. Her breadth of experience in many roles made her presentation essential listening for anyone currently working in the arts and culture industry.

You can listen to a recording of Jane Bryant's presentation below:
Jane Bryant Keynote (MP3, 20mB)

Read more about the event in our News article:
Cultural Biology (April 2011)

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Spotlight on the South East

Spotlight articlesOne section of our informative email newsletters is regularly devoted to an interview with dance artists or companies within the south east region.

These all live within our web site News archive, but here are some of the previous Spotlights profiling artists from around the region:

2009-11 Hub Funding Awards

Between 2009 and 2011 Hampshire Dance distributed £24,000 to SEYDN Hub members for youth dance projects across the south east of England. Find out who received funding and how the money was spent by downloading the reports below.

SEYDN Hub Funding Report 2010-11 (PDF 288kb)

SEYDN Hub Funding Report 2009-10 (PDF 182kb)

2010-11 Dance Careers Events

In 2010-11 Hampshire Dance distributed £4,500 to SEYDN Hub members for Dance Careers Events across the south east of England. Download the report below to find out how the money was spent.

SEYDN Dance Careers Events Report 2010-11 (PDF)