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Bounce: Exploring the links between dance and acoustic science

HYDC perform Bounce. Photography Paul Carter In 2010 Hampshire Dance led on a ground-breaking dance / science collaboration with the University of Southampton’s Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR).

Hampshire Youth Dance Company (HYDC) worked at the ISVR with choreographer Rachael Mossom (shortlisted for The Place Prize 2008) and composer Pete Wilson.

The resulting work, Bounce, explores the links between dance and acoustic science.

HYDC participated in workshops at the ISVR to learn about how sound works, experimenting in reverberation and anechoic chambers. They took part in a film documenting the making of Bounce, which explains the creative process and science behind the dance.

Bounce was performed across the south east of England as part of the VitaliSE tour and captivated audiences through a creative investigation of sound transmission waves, reverberation and how sound travels through space.

HYDC at the ISVRDr. Steve Dorney, Schools Science Communicator & Co-ordinator at the ISVR said “The Bounce project, our first exciting arts / science collaboration with Hampshire Dance, has been a very positive experience for everyone involved and we were pleased to co-host the cross-disciplinary workshops for schools that accompanied Bounce across the region."

The Making of Bounce (Part 1):


The Making of Bounce Part 2:

Praise for Bounce

Audience feedback

“I thought it was really good and unlike anything I have seen before, I do really want to do more dance styles now. It was really inspiring” – Pupil, St Annes.

 “Really impressed – so uplifting!” – Audience member

 “I think it was inspiring and I think the dancers put a lot of effort into the dance” – Pupil, Admiral Lord Nelson School

“Very good – the dancers were great” – Pupil, Admiral Lord Nelson School

“It was very creative and very good timing!” – Pupil, Chamberlyane College

“It was dramatic and exciting! They were all extremely good at dancing” – Pupil, St. Annes.

“It taught me a lot about vibrations” – Pupil, St. Annes

“I loved it! All the dancers were incredible. Absolutely amazing!” -  Pupil, Bitterne Park School.

“It was really good and interesting” – Pupil, Swanmore College of Technology

“I thought it was very brilliant and also inspiring. It has made me want to do more dancing” – Pupil, Bitterne Park School

“It was very interesting because I got to see a different style of dance and I enjoyed it” – Pupil, Chamberlayne College

“Excellent – a pleasure to watch! It made me want to dance!” – Audience member