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Springboard Dance Bursary Scheme

Photo of South Asian youth dancer by Paul CarterDance Up has worked in partnership with Hampshire County Council to deliver the Springboard Dance Bursary Scheme.

The scheme was for outstanding young dancers who aspire to be the next leading dance professionals. Springboard helped dancers create a bespoke training programme to enhance and develop their skills. Successful candidates received up to £500 of dance training and development, with the guided support of a Bursary Co-ordinator.


The scheme has now CLOSED but you can read more about it on the Hampshire County Council website.

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Centres for Advanced Training

Young dancers from the CAT Satellite scheme at The PlaceCentres for Advanced Training (CATs) provide children with local access to the best available teaching and facilities alongside strong links with the music and dance profession.  They ensure that children who are talented and committed dancers and musicians have appropriate, tailor-made, specialist provision even if they do not choose to attend specialist boarding schools. Most CATs accept young people by audition only.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) offers grants through the Music and Dance Scheme in order to make it possible for any talented young dancer or musician to attend a CAT regardless of their financial circumstances. For further information please visit the National Dance CATs website.

The CATs at The Place and Laban both have satellite centres in the south east to ensure that young people from the region can access their programmes.

Guide to Careers in Dance

Are you interested in a career in dance?

Youth Dance England (YDE) has created a comprehensive Guide to Careers in Dance to help you explore all the different career paths available. The guide contains all the information and tips you need to negotiate a career in dance and includes case studies of established dance professionals explaining how they got where they are today.

You can download the Guide to Careers in Dance for FREE from the YDE website.